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 2015 Update- We are now a dealer for the Silencershop in Austin, TX. You can take advantage of Silencershop’s  incredible pricing & product availability with  all the advantages of local pickup and service. Just go to www.silencershop.com, select us as your dealer and you’re off to the races.

Welcome to Storrie Parachute works, Denton Texas’ best parachute, skydiving gear and class 3 weapons dealer. Come stop by our store and check our supply of parachutes, skydiving gear and class 3 firearms.

We started out our business as suppliers of skydiving and parachute equipment with full service and repairs. In 1994 we became a class 3 firearms dealer, and expanded into brokerage and transferring firearms. Purchasing and owning a class 3 firearm is not a difficult process, but there is a procedure in which you must follow to attain your desired class 3 firearm or accessory. Give us a call, we will be more than happy to walk you through getting those ducks in a row and keeping you out of the paperwork mine field.

Once all of your ducks are in a row come on down to Storrie Parachute Works in Denton Texas and check out our stock of firearm suppressors, automatic weapons and skydiving gear.